Musical about Toronto's mayor casts Rob Ford role

TORONTO (AP) - The role of Rob Ford has been cast in upcoming new musical comedy about Toronto's infamous mayor.

"Rob Ford the Musical: Birth of A Ford Nation" is set to debut at Toronto's Factory Theatre on Sept. 16, just over a month before Ford seeks re-election Oct. 27. It will run through Sept. 28.

The 90-minute show has 10 original tunes and sees a "spiritual guide" leading Ford through the past year of his tumultuous life - including his admitted drug use and stint in rehab.

Sheldon Bergstrom, a portly 42-year-old Canadian, says he begged the producers to try out. Nearly 100 other actors tried out. Writer Brett McCaig says that resemblance, as well as Bergstrom's talent, got him the part.

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