Meet the man behind the original 140-degree Godzilla suit

Meet The Man Behind The Original 140-Degree Godzilla Suit
Meet The Man Behind The Original 140-Degree Godzilla Suit

You're probably familiar with this: the sight of Godzilla terrorizing a city ...

"CBS This Morning" introduced us to the man inside the original Godzilla suit from the 1954 movie.

Haruo Nakajima was just 25 when he first played Godzilla. How heavy was that suit?

The suit weighed 220 pounds, he told CBS -- and it was 140 degrees.

The now-85-year-old called Godzilla the "creature of the Americans," saying the monster's breath was "nuclear radiation." After all, the film was released several years after WWII.

According to IMDb, Nakajima stuck with his Godzilla role throughout much of his career. Much of his credited acting is playing the monster.

However, his path wasn't always certain. As the man behind the monster suit admitted to SciFi Japan TV, he didn't know if he wanted the role -- he wanted to be a pilot.

Fortunately, he took the part, and ever since, people have loved "Godzilla." Numerous movies have been made -- and Godzilla has even battled ...

Space Godzilla. Oh, yeah, they went there.

Nakajima didn't star in that one. To watch his entire interview, check out "CBS This Morning."

To get more of Godzilla, check out the new movie, which has raked it in at the box office, making $200 million in the U.S. and more than $307 million internationally.

Even after six decades there's still love for that giant, green monster.

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