Black leopard leaps into caregiver's lap

Rescued Leopard Leaps Onto Caregiver In Loving Embrace
Rescued Leopard Leaps Onto Caregiver In Loving Embrace

Pardus, an orphaned black leopard, apparently forgot she was no longer a small cub when she leaped onto a volunteer that helped raise her.

The leopard was brought to Cheetah Experience, a wildlife conservation in South Africa, hours after her mother abandoned her in the wild. She was underweight, and experts believe her mother didn't have enough milk to feed her.

Since volunteer Juhi Agrawal was there to help raise pardus from birth, she's said to not pose a threat to her caregivers.

Cheetah Experience's founder told The Daily Mail, "It's very safe to interact with the leopards. We don't take any chances with the volunteers."

Unfortunately for Pardus, she will never be released back into the wild; the charity says leopards born in captivity must remain in captivity. But just because a large cat is wild doesn't mean it is any less loving.

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