Three rare opah caught by fishermen in one day

Three Rare Opah Caught By Fishermen In One Day
Three Rare Opah Caught By Fishermen In One Day

Opah -- the large, round and brilliant orange fish in the gallery below -- are a tough catch as they don't often travel in schools, and are typically found only in tropical areas with warm water.

Recently, three of the rare fish were hooked and pulled in by fishermen on a single boat sailing in Southern California waters. Armando Castillo, Joe Ludlow and Travis Savala made the catches while aboard the Excel. They were quick to get a picture and post it on Facebook, and before long, the shot had racked up thousands of shares and likes.

Post by Excel Long Range Sportfishing.

That kind of feat is pretty much unheard of. According to one of fishermen, they were able to get five of them to bite, but only three made it onto the boat. The successful catches weighed in at 124, 151, and a whopping 180-lbs. notes that the fish are 'delectable,' but 'there isn't a direct commercial fishery for opah because the fish aren't found in large schools.'

On their excursion, the trio also caught quite a bit of the expected fare like yellowtail, Bluefin tuna, and yellowfin tuna.

This is the internet, and we've been tricked before. At first, we were a bit skeptical of this fish tale -- but it seems to be for reel. Err, real.

Post by Excel Long Range Sportfishing.

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