Millionaire rescues unwanted dog

Millionaire Rescues Unwanted Dog
Millionaire Rescues Unwanted Dog

ODESSA, FL-- Lady the black lab looks like she fits right in at her ritzy Florida mansion, so it's hard to believe that in the past two years, she's bounced from shelter to shelter.

In Kansas, Lady escaped one family's home and walked 30 miles back to a former family that didn't want her. That's when Helen Rich, an heiress to the Wrigley chewing gum company, heard the story. Rich was devastated when she heard that Lady was rejected, and she couldn't stand the thought of Lady being sent to the shelter again. She decided to adopt her -- even sending along an assistant and a private jet because she was in Hawaii.

Now, Lady lives in a 15,000 square foot mansion with rich and her other dogs. They've got plenty of land to enjoy and Rich is happy to have a new furry pal.

Rich is also trying to bring attention to other dogs who need a helping hand.

"Lady deserves having the best possible life for bringing attention to all the others like her," Rich said.

Life is pretty sweet for Lady, who is sort of like the Orphan Annie of dogs. A devastating rejection led to a really wonderful forever home -- and Rich summed it up to WFLA in one short sentence: "That's just karma, isn't it?"

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