Justin Bieber song saves Russian man from bear attack

Justin Bieber Saves Russian Man From Bear Mauling
Justin Bieber Saves Russian Man From Bear Mauling

Justin Bieber –– singer, dancer, celebrity ... hero?

A Russian man was walking to his favorite fishing spot when suddenly a brown bear attacked him. But, The Inquisitr says when his phone rang playing Bieber's song "Baby" the bear became scared and ran away.

The victim suffered severe cuts and bruises to both his face and chest, but was found by other fishermen who used his phone to call for help. He's currently recovering from the attack.

With the man now considered stable, several news outlets couldn't help but have some fun with the young pop star.

The Daily Mail reports the 42-year-old man clarified he's not exactly a Bielieber, saying "I know that sort of ringtone isn't to everyone's taste but my granddaughter loaded it onto my phone for a joke."

Perhaps the question everyone is asking is this: how could a song by a teenager whose voice, experts argued lacked power, scare a bear who could have weighed anywhere between 200 and 800 pounds?

Most news sources report scientists agreeing it wasn't so much what ringtone was playing, but simply the sudden loud noise of it playing. Still though, it got us wondering if any celebrities have saved the day –– in person.

America's sweetheart Jennifer Lawrence earned even more love when she assisted an unconscious woman until paramedics arrived, according to E!.

The Daily News says Dr. Oz and a local plumber created a tourniquet and saved a woman's life when a runaway taxi severed her foot.

But Ryan Gosling likely made the most internet headlines when he stopped a street fight over a stolen painting in 2011.

​We're still kind of curious though - you think that bear was related to Orlando Bloom?