Gap tweet sparks controversy over skinny model

Gap Tweet Causes Controversy Over 'Too Skinny' Model
Gap Tweet Causes Controversy Over 'Too Skinny' Model

Clothing retailer Gap caused a bit of an uproar on Twitter after posting a photo of a pastel plaid dress. But it wasn't the dress that had users freaking out, it was the model wearing it.

Many felt that Gap was in the wrong for hiring a model that is so skinny, and their comments ranged from constructive ("We need to see real women in ads. I mean, after all, real women buy clothes") to comments that are downright offensive ("omg she looks like a concentration camp inhabitant.") The difference being that the former was criticizing Gap, while the latter bullied to model.

Despite a number of posts saying the woman should eat a cheeseburger or spend some time in the sunlight, one Twitter user attacked another in defense of the model. In response to a mean spirited comment about the woman's weight, Daniel Ralston tweeted, "People say this to my wife all the time and it's just as hurtful as telling a fat person to diet. Her father is really skinny and he's 65. She has no eating disorders, she just can't put on weight. And even if she did have an eating disorder that kinda makes it worse."

It's called "skinny shaming," which is just as bad as fat shaming since it's still bullying.

While Gap has not taken down the controversial tweet, their website features an image of a different model wearing the same pastel plaid dress. Despite the fact that her waist is ten inches smaller than the national average of 34 inches, no one seems to be freaking out.

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