Baby seal plays with surfer

Baby Seal Plays with Surfer
Baby Seal Plays with Surfer

Andrew Flounders was out catching some waves with a friend when he felt a bump against his leg.

"It kinda freaked me out so I jumped on my board and this little face pops up," Flounders said.

The face belonged to an adorable baby seal who emerged from the water. What started out as an alarming situation turned into and incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience, as the seal spent nearly an hour learning how to surf.

At first, the seal had some trouble staying on the board, but Flounders says it "managed to hang 10 by the end of session."

The moment is definitely one Flounders will never forget.

"I have never seen one up that close and it was alarming to begin with and he was trying to climb on the back of the board and on the front of the board," he said. "I was thinking, "What in the heck is this guy doing?" But he was obviously really just kinda stoked."

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