Woman finds valuable treasure in used book

Woman Finds Valuable Treasure In Used Book
Woman Finds Valuable Treasure In Used Book

LIBERTY, Mo. -- You hear stories from time to time about people finding hidden treasures after a trip to a thrift store. A Clay County woman never imagined it would happen too her, but it did.

FOX 4 reports: It was a significant find, eighteen $100 savings bonds worth an estimated $1,400.

The woman who found them asked to be identified by only her first name, Paula. She tried to find the rightful owner, but struck out -- and she wants your help.

Paula found a passion for reading recently and is constantly buying books. Her favorite place is the Savers off Highway 291 in Liberty, who accepts donated items which Big Brothers Big Sisters benefits from. As do people like Paula, who are looking for a great deal.

She bought a dozen or so books on July 24.

When she got home she decided to take a nap and a short time later woke up to her husband tossing something at her.

"I looked at them and said 'Are these real?' He goes 'They look real to me,'" said Paula.

Eighteen $100 savings bonds, bought in 1998 and 1999.

The first thing Paula did was find out if they were real -- and they are. Even though it's nearly impossible for someone other than the owner of the bonds to cash them out, Paula never thought about doing so herself.

"This woman spent good money on this and she obviously had them hidden away so no one else could find them and she deserves them back. They are hers," she said.

FOX 4 is concealing the name, address and social security numbers on the savings bonds.

Paula says the personal information on them was her primary reason for wanting to return them.

"There are a lot of dishonest people, I'm in a business where I deal with a lot of dishonest people, and with the social security number, you can take somebody's identity and I don't want anyone else to have her identity, and I wouldn't want anyone to have mine and they just need to be back in the right hands," she said.

If you know who the bonds belong to contact the Clay County Sheriff's Department by CLICKING HERE, or you can email FOX 4's Eric Burke at eric.burke@wdaftv4.com.

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