Mysterious animal roaming California neighborhood

Mystery Animal Roaming Calif. Neighborhood
Mystery Animal Roaming Calif. Neighborhood

The chatter continues to grow in Norwalk, California, after a large, mysterious animal was caught on a surveillance camera. The City of Norwalk first published a Facebook post about a large wildcat sighting in the area, then detailed what you should do if you see a mountain lion ... which was probably really comforting for its residents.

And the next day it posted this surveillance video of the creature.

Speculation and theories about what the animal is and where it came from are never-ending. Experts aren't even completely sure.

A representative for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife told KTLA the animal doesn't appear to be a mountain lion: "I was able to gauge the size, the height of the animal just with some items that were in the front yard of the residence, and it didn't appear to be the size of a mountain lion." Mountain Lion Foundation reports adult mountain lions have tan-colored coats, similar to African lions, but they have a smaller build.

And according to the Los Angeles Times, the founder of Project Survival's Cat Haven says the creature appeared to have the same characteristics as an African lion.

So the mystery remains. And as you can imagine, residents are worried. KNBC reported, "Yeah really, it could be around the corner."

Some are referring to the animal as Norwalk's very own Bigfoot. But some think they've already figured it out thinking it's just an "old, tired dog."

And apparently, anything is possible. ABC reminds us about a false alarm that took place in Virginia last year. People called 911 to report a "lion" walking along a street ... when really it was just a cute Labradoodle with a unique haircut.

Norwalk's mystery animal hasn't been spotted since Tuesday, but residents and officials in that area are still on high alert.

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