Man pushes Brussels sprout up mountain for charity

Man Pushes Brussels Sprout Up A Mountain With His Nose
Man Pushes Brussels Sprout Up A Mountain With His Nose

Stuart Kettell, 49, has pulled a lot of stunts to raise money for causes and organizations, but this one is deemed to be the craziest so far.

Kettell is pushing a Brussels sprout up Mount Snowdon in Wales with his nose. He's doing it to raise money for charity. The trip to the summit is over 3,00 feet. It was estimated it would take four to five days of crawling on elbows and knees to reach the top. Kettell completed the journey in three days, according to the BBC.

Early into the journey it was reported that Kettell was already suffering serious abrasions, neck exhaustion, and wrist pain. He was determined to keep going, covering about a tenth of a mile per hour.

Accompanying him is a cameraman who's recording every moment of the climb to prove that there was no cheating along the way.

Before starting his journey, it was estimated that Kettle would have gone through hundreds of sprouts. According to the BBC, 'Mr Kettell said he selected a large sprout so it would not fall down a crevice in the rock.' They also reported that Kettell trained for his climb by 'pushing a sprout around his garden with his nose.' The veggies were donated by Sainsbury's supermarket. As it's the off-season for the produce they had to source them from Morocco.

"People definitely think I'm mad, and I'm beginning to think it myself," he told the BBC.

He was raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

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