Iowa couple celebrates 65th wedding anniversary at supermarket

Iowa Couple Celebrates 65th Anniversary at Hy-Vee Store
Iowa Couple Celebrates 65th Anniversary at Hy-Vee Store

Shoppers searching for bread and milk at a supermarket in Iowa found themselves right in the middle of a husband and wife's big celebration.

While plenty of families would have chosen a church basement or town hall for the event, the produce section of Hy-Vee was the perfect place for Liela and Bernie Mitchell's 65th wedding anniversary celebration.

Just inside the front door, by the melons, friends and family came to congratulate the couple on their milestone. But just as remarkable as their marriage, is Bernie's 60 year commitment to the supermarket.

In an industry dominated by teenage baggers and stock-boys, Bernie MItchell can relate -- he started working at Hy-Vee at the age of 19. After climbing the ladder to be store director, Bernie refused to retire. So for more than two decades he's been setting records for the oldest stock boy in Sheraton's freezer section, which explains why his wife didn't bat an eye when he suggested they celebrate in the store.

"You weren't just a name on the payroll, you were part of the company," he said.

But this week, the Sheraton supermarket received the bad news -- the 87 year-old stock boy finally retired, the very same day his marriage turned 65.

Interestingly enough, Bernie is only 3 years older than the Hy-Vee chain itself.

Longevity is one thing, but commitment is another, which is why on his last day of work, Bernie chose melons over his shoulder and his bride by his side.