Instagram sensation 'Grandma Betty' dead at 80

Instagram Celebrity Grandma Betty Dead At 80
Instagram Celebrity Grandma Betty Dead At 80

80-year-old Betty Jo Simpson, who became everyone's Instarandma with her Instagram account GrandmaBetty33, has died.

According to a post, the social media celebrity died on Saturday after a long battle with lung cancer. It reads, "Grandma Betty did not lose her battle to cancer, because her legacy she has left behind will inspire millions of people to #smile, #behappy, and #stayhappy no matter what. The fight has ended. The battle is won."

GrandmaBetty33 became an Instagram sensation after her 18-year-old great grandson, Zach, set up an account for her. Her collection of funny faces and inspirational messages gained not only the attention of nearly 700,000 followers, but also of news outlets across the country. One video featuring Grandma Betty dancing to Pharrell's smash hit "Happy" even grabbed the attention of the singer himself.

While the inspiration behind the popular instagram account may be gone, its followers hope that the account will stay alive. One wrote, "Whatever you do please never shut down her Instagram. I have looked at it every day for as long as it has been up and everyday it has made me smile. She was an inspiration to me."

​The account was set up by family so they would have something to remember Grandma Betty by. They never expected it would eventually do the same for hundreds of thousands of others.