Mysterious lake appears in middle of desert

Mysterious Lake Appears In Middle Of Desert
Mysterious Lake Appears In Middle Of Desert

You might not think Tunisia was battling a serious drought, but that's exactly why some people are calling this body of water a miracle.

Shepherds stumbled across the lake in the middle of the desert three weeks ago and no one knows how it appeared.

But some speculate an underground reservoir flowed through cracks of a rock that was holding it and leaked to the surface.

The lake in Gafsa stretches across more than 2.5 acres and reaches 50 feet deep. While hundreds have flocked to the spot to get some relief from the 100 plus degree heat, it's causing some concern.

The water has turned green and is full of algae which means it isn't being cleaned as more and more people visit. Some believe the water might be radioactive since there is phosphate mining in the region.

But that still isn't discouraging people from diving head first into the water. There's even a Facebook page dedicated to the mystery.