Arizona inmate received 15 injections of untested drug cocktail during execution

Arizona Inmate Received 15 Injections Of Drug Cocktail During Execution
Arizona Inmate Received 15 Injections Of Drug Cocktail During Execution

Documents released Friday reveal scary details about an Arizona inmate's execution.

Joseph Rudolph Wood died on July 23rd from a lethal injection that was supposed to kill him peacefully within 10 minutes - but instead he spent nearly two hours struggling with the injections while his lawyers unsuccessfully tried to get the execution aborted.

He was pronounced dead after gasping for air more than 600 times.

A new report reveals executioners injected Wood with 15 times the amount of sedative and a painkiller they originally intended to use. Over the course of the two hours Wood spent on the table, he was injected with 750 milligrams of two drugs. Arizona's execution protocol calls for only 50 milligrams of each drug.

This is just one of many cases fueling the debate over the death penalty and lethal injection.

An Ohio inmate spent nearly 30 minutes struggling on the execution table in January.

In April, an Oklahoma inmate died of a heart attack after prison officials halted his execution because the drugs weren't being administered properly.

Arizona officials say Wood never suffered and was completely sedated. The Arizona Department of Corrections said Friday it is seeking an outside investigator for the independent inquiry.