Rare yellow lobster makes headlines for unique rescue story

A rare lobster was saved from its likely fate in a boiling pot of water after it was spotted in a Publix grocery story in Florida.

It was a yellow lobster, something The University of Maine Lobster Institute says is a 1 in 30 million find. It also says it's "six times more rare than a blue lobster."

It's that rarity and the lobster's unique story that are making headlines. (Via The Huffington Post, ABC)

Libbie the yellow lobster was saved thanks to social media.

It all began when Marybeth Jeitner went to the seafood section to check out a lobster that had some people buzzing. Jeitner, a vegan, then posted to Facebook, asking for help to save it from becoming someone's dinner.

ABC spoke with Jeitner, who says a friend, Heather Chalmers, responded to her plea for help on Facebook.

"When attempts to find a temporary home for [her] failed, Chalmers ended up making a temporary home herself, with Publix even providing a gift certificate to help pay for the aquarium."

They called around but were having trouble finding a place that could take Libbie because she requires a particular habitat.

But eventually a home was found for the crustacean. Libbie is now at the Seacoast Science Center in New Hampshire. We're told she's doing well, acclimating to her new environment and, if all goes to plan, will be on display within the next two weeks.

Jeitner now hopes to write a children's book about the lobster, ABC reports.