Man films hammerhead shark as it approaches Florida beach

Hammerhead Shark Approaches Shore
Hammerhead Shark Approaches Shore

Swimmers on Navarre beach, Florida, were recently taken aback when a hammerhead shark swam right up to the shore.

Dan Flynn had been fishing on a nearby pier with his stepson when he spotted the huge animal approaching, and he quickly began to film.

WEAR-TV reports that "panic set in" when crowds noticed the 6.5-foot shark. Lifeguard Colton Boney told WEAR that it "didn't help that the fin was out of the water.

Boney explains that a woman had fallen off a raft into the water, and it seemed the shark was going right for her. Luckily, it didn't seem interested in humans, and swam for about 15 minutes before heading for deeper water. "It's interesting, I never thought I'd be charged by a shark," Boney said. WEAR-TV reports that after just under two hours, beachgoers were allowed back in the water.

Though it was a pretty frightening sight, filmer Dann Flynn added a bit of levity to the situation, joking that perhaps the shark just wanted a cool drink.

Post by Dan Flynn.

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