Rob Lowe's 'Shark Week' promo is an even bigger must-see than 'Sharknado 2'


Syfy Channel's 'Sharknado 2: The Second One' premiered Wednesday night with high expectations after the first film created an unexpected frenzy on Twitter last summer. According to Vulture, the first 'Sharknado' was seen by over 14 million Americans after erupting on social media and receiving five repeat airings -- a huge milestone for the channel (an average Syfy movie get 1.5 million views). And, while viewership numbers have yet to be released for the sequel, another swell of Internet hype means that it probably didn't do so bad.

That being said, 'Sharknado 2' is not the most exciting piece of shark content floating around the web this week. In preparation for 'Shark Week,' Discovery Channel has released a new promo featuring Rob Lowe that is just as zany and outrageous as the 'Sharknado' franchise but only requires 35 seconds of your time and promises an upcoming week full of real shark madness.

The premise of the commercial is bizarre. Lowe rides atop two great white sharks and tosses chum from a bucket to other sharks that jump through the air to retrieve the snack. A mermaid clings to Lowe's leg and other sea creatures frolic around before the actor gives the camera a sultry stare and mutters the only words in the video, 'So sharky!'

Lowe seemed very exciting about the video, sending out two different tweets promoting it.

Watch the promo and let us know what you think! Are you more excited about 'Shark Week' than you were for 'Sharknado 2'? Click through our gallery at the top to get yourself pumped up for 'Shark Week,' which starts August 10 on the Discovery Channel.

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