Man's car sideswiped while he was stopped for speeding

Man's Car Sideswiped While He Was Stopped For Speeding
Man's Car Sideswiped While He Was Stopped For Speeding

HLN called it a bad day for 20-year-old Jacob Schreiner -- but we'd say it could have been way worse.

You're looking at police dash cam video from Conroe, Texas. Schreiner was pulled over for speeding, and a truck totally sideswiped his 2006 Mustang GT. You can tell how upset he is.

Although HLN doesn't tell us much about the driver of the truck, KHOU found out he did get two citations for the accident.

All KHOU wanted to ask Jacob Schreiner was:

Reporter: "Did you want to cry?"
Schreiner: "Oh, I did. I absolutely. I ain't gonna lie. I sure did."

According to Montgomery County Police Reporter, the other driver said he got distracted when he spilled his drink in his lap.

Now here's where Schreiner's luck turned: Remember how we said he'd been pulled over for speeding? The deputy who stopped him felt so bad for him he let him go without a ticket. A pretty stand-up guy. Which -- as this Montgomery County Sheriff's Office recruiting video suggests - is exactly what the office says it looks for in its deputies.

"What we expect from our deputies: We expect them to be honest. We expect them to have strong self-esteem. We expect them to be hardworking."

And, maybe, to give guys a break when they're on the verge of tears.

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