Making it rain with lasers

Making It Rain with Lasers
Making It Rain with Lasers

Just another stormy, wet afternoon in Central Florida but what if you could pick up all this rain and move it where it is needed? Texas or California? What if a laser could start the rain?

Matt Mills got into lasers as a kid, now he's part of a team of military backed scientists that are on the cutting edge of new technology making lasers powerful enough to reach up into the sky when a thunderstorm is just about to start. In the near future, a push button storm starter could be a real thing.

That storm starter isn't a laser beam itself but rather a popping energy that comes off a much higher power beams than this one. The problem is those pops have always had trouble getting into the sky. Now, Matt has discovered a way to get the lasers to pop all the way in the clouds, in theory, that's what starts a storm. A few months ago Matt's colleagues got this cloud working experimentally, the next step is to get it to work in the sky.

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