30 LA bloggers you need to know about

The 33 LA style and beauty bloggers you need to be following
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30 LA bloggers you need to know about

Stephanie Liu, Honey & Silk

Why you should follow: Stephanie redefines effortless. We're not sure if it's her flowing mermaid hair, breezy dresses, or beach backdrops, but her blog epitomizes easy living. Plus, she runs an e-commerce site where you can shop many of her pieces.

Katie Arnold, The Style Riot

Why you should follow: Katie lives by the mantra "rules are meant to be broken", and her style reflects it. Always unexpected, and always cool -- but not in a pretentious way. She's the girl you want to be best friends with. Plus, she has a jewelry line that embodies her free spirit, Moon Rock Jewelry.

elshane, elshane's World

Why you should follow: This NYC transplant is basically the real life version of Carrie Bradshaw. Enough said. 

Teni Panosian, Miss Maven

Why you should follow: Teni is a beauty product expert. She knows what works and what doesn't because she tests all of the products. Plus, her YouTube makeup tutorials are some of the best out there.

The team from Fiore Beauty

Why you should follow: Because you'll get the same beauty advice A-Listers are getting. The glam squad provides beauty and spa treatments to Hollywood's elite (Heidi Klum, Nicole Richie, Adriana Lima), and their blog reflects their beauty expertise!

Jen Chae, From Head to Toe

Why you should follow: Jen's blog name says it at, as she really does cover everything beauty from head to toe. She has everything from eyeliner reviews to manicure inspiration! Plus, her YouTube hair tutorials will save you a trip to the salon.

Melissa Rodriguez, MelRod Style

Why you should follow: Her. Clothes. 
Melissa's OOTD posts are chic, yet totally relaxed and carefree. You probably even have a lot of her pieces in your closet, but she shows you how to put them together.

Cassandra Hull, The Blue Closet

Why you should follow: She's a hippie momma and her blog not only features her personal style, but her kid's style as well. You might be able to pick up outfit inspo from Myes, Ruby, and Ello (her kid's names) because they are just that cool.

Grasie Mercedes, Style Me Grasie

Why you should follow: Grasie's style embodies LA fashion -- bright colors, tribal prints, distressed jeans, and that crazy-cool hair she's rocking. If you're looking for fun outfit inspo, she is your girl. 

Merrick White, Merrick's Art

Why you should follow: Merrick ALWAYS looks flawless and put-together. It's all in the details for her, and her accessories are what makes her outfits so unique. Plus, she's a seamstress, fine artist, stylist, mother of two and she eats chocolate everyday. Why wouldn't you follow her?

Ashley Fultz, The Style Editrix

Why you should follow: She will inspire you to quit your corporate job and start a blog of your own, because that is exactly what she did. A former E! producer turned blogger, Ashley takes us through a visual story of her life and she is definitely living the dream. Consider us jealous.

Minnie Schedeen, The Stylish Wanderer 

Why you should follow: Wanderlust. She's a vintage wearing bohemian who has mastered the art of thrift shopping. She's been featured in magazines from Elle Greece to Nylon, and when she's not blogging, she's writing screenplays, studying Cinematic Arts at USC, and interning at production companies. Oh, yeah, and she's only 19! 

Taye Hansberry, Stuff She Likes

Why you should follow: This true LA native will be your next girl crush. Raised in Los Angeles, she knows about all of the hotspots, restaurants, designers, and events. She is an expert at mixing high/low pieces, and her bag collection is completely enviable. Not to mention, she's been featured in a ton of magazines. 

Michelle Madsen, Take Aim

Why you should follow: You will lust for every outfit she posts! Seriously, each outfit outdoes the last one. And, her shoes evoke closet-envy unlike any we have ever had before. 

Joo Kim, Love Joo Kim

Why you should follow: Her casual-chic style is perfect inspo for you LA based ladies. Philip Lim and Chloe are her favorite designers, and she is often photographed at the beach. You should know that you might get that travel itch reading her blog.

Nikia Phoenix, Model Liberation

Why you should follow: This Southern Belle turned hip model keeps her beauty routine natural and her outfits funky. She was discovered getting coffee and her life hasn't been the same since. 

Rita Korkounian, Coast With Me

Why you should follow: She is a breath of fresh air. In the world of too-cool-for-school fashion bloggers, Rita keeps it real. Her style if fresh and creative, and accessible (which we love). Plus, she sings... and it is awesome.

An Dyer, Haute Pink Pretty

Why you should follow: Her outfits are great, but she's also a total go-getter. By day, she has a full time job in the tech industry, but she still has time to manage an active blog. This girl will motivate you to get off your couch and go after what you want.  

Jen Pinkston, The Effortless Chic

Why you should follow: Look how cute that baby is! Okay, that is definitely not the only reason you should follow her, but it's an added bonus. Her Instagram never fails to make us swoon. Aside from shots of her adorable family, Jen's blog offers fresh insight and advice on travel, interior design, style, and much more. We could spend hours on her site and come away feeling like we really learned something. 

Laura Mueseler, Sequins at Breakfast

Why you should follow: This is your one-stop site for fun, feminine outfit inspo, Pinterest-worthy DIYs, and drool-worthy healthy food porn (which we didn't even know was a thing till now). 

Teresa Osayande, The Habit

Why you should follow: She's a tomboy globe-trotter who has perfected the edgy menswear look. Look to her for outfits that you can wear to work if your office is laid-back. Plus, she always manages to take a basic outfit and put a cool spin on it.

Chelsey Hale, West Coast Capri

Why you should follow: She's a true creative, and it's definitely reflected in her blog. Chelsey's a graphic designer, so her blog is beautiful, and she has a great LA living guide that is an absolute must-read for newcomers. 

Blake Scott & Ashley Tiannah, Anything and Everything LA

Why you should follow: Their taste in menswear is superb. The blog is full of classic yet eclectic outfits that you will appreciate just as much as your man.

Aimee Santos, Swell Mayde

Why you should follow: She's the queen of DIYs. She covers everything from Celine-inspired bags, to tribal moccasins, to vintage coffee tables. If you're feeling creative, give her blog a visit. Plus, her outfit posts are rad. (She made those printed jeans she's wearing!)

Rachel, The RAEviewer

Why you should follow: As a former beauty pageant girl, Rachel knows her beauty products. She gives you the 411 on designer luxury brands and tells you which products are legitimate, and which ones you shouldn't waste your money on. 

Audrey Tom, Putting Me Together

Why you should follow: Her style is for those who already love fashion and for those who feel "style-challenged." Plus, with a little girl on the way, she has great maternity-wear posts! Audrey is practical, and gives greats tips for building a lasting wardrobe, which is why we love her.

Leanne Barlow, Elle Apparel

Why you should follow: Her clothes are classic, and you can own them! After falling in love with an expensive skirt at Anthropologie, Leanne decided to create her own clothing line that makes beautiful skirts (she's wearing one in the photo on the left)! Her blog is full of preppy posts that are far from basic. 

Cara Northcutt, Cara's Cliche

Why you should follow: Cara is always unexpected. For example, she's known to wear skirts as dresses, dresses as vests, and seamlessly mix florals and stripes. She is not afraid to take a chance, and you will love her for it.

Jamie Walsh, Glam Latte

Why you should follow: She's edgy, she's glam, and her fashion resume is very, very impressive. She's a Vanity Fair Style Star and has been on PopSugar's Look of the Day numerous times. And the list doesn't end there. Check her out.

Amber King, King and Kind

Why you should follow: She is a real girl who loves the same things you do -- magazines, IPAs, red lip stick, and pizza. Amber's goal is to help you develop your personal style, while giving you a peak into her own closet. 


Over the past few years, a new crop of fashion elite has emerged. They are sitting front row at fashion shows, getting paid to wear designer clothing, modeling for our favorite brands, and creating our daily doses of style inspiration. Who could we be talking about? Well, style bloggers, of course.

Needless to say, we can't imagine our own personal styles without a little real-life blogger inspiration. That being said, it's hard to keep up with the latest and greatest faces out there in the ever-expanding blogosphere. But, when you find a blogger who you love, your world is changed. You might even stalk their local hangout, which, thanks to geotag, is easy to discover. Too much?

Either way, we decided to break it down for you by city -- choosing the best of the best, and our very favorite bloggers who you should be following right now. Are we biased? OK, kind of -- they all happen to be in our Lifestyle Collective. What can we say? We've got good taste.

Our first target? Los Angeles! Click through the gallery to check out the 30 LA-based bloggers who need to be on your radar.
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