2-year-old gives adorable, least helpful makeup tutorial

2-Year-Old Gives Adorable Makeup Tutorial
2-Year-Old Gives Adorable Makeup Tutorial

Some makeup tutorials are incredibly informative, so let's get this out there right off the bat: Little Berry's isn't one of them. In fact, it could be the least helpful tutorial ever created -- which is why it's so amazing.

At two, Berry isn't allowed to wear makeup, and she isn't quite sure which end of the makeup brush she should be using. Still, she's very passionate about showing the audience the way she makes her eyes "pop" for play dates. (Her tip? "The more, and better.")

Looking for some tips on mascara application? Then keep looking, 'cause Berry isn't allowed to use it yet. "I can go blind!," she informs us before moving on to her favorite "crayons" (lipstick).

To recap: If you have two minutes and need to learn how to apply a face full of makeup right now, this tutorial is not for you. If you have two minutes and want to smile the entire time ... well then, you're in the right place.

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