Text message from slain Michigan girl's phone is clue in case

Murdered Teen Texted 'OMG..I Think I'm Being Kidnapped'
Murdered Teen Texted 'OMG..I Think I'm Being Kidnapped'

Editor's note: While not confirmed, April Millsap reportedly texted the message, "Omg. ... I think I'm being kidnapped," to her boyfriend on the night of her murder.

(Reuters) - A text message from a Michigan girl's phone is part of the investigation into her death, police said on Wednesday.

April Millsap, 14, of Armada, Michigan, was found dead on Thursday along a recreation trail popular with joggers, walkers and cyclists in Macomb County. She had left her home hours before to walk her dog, Penny, who later led two runners to her body.

Police have not revealed the cause of death.

"There is a text message that was sent from April's phone," Lieutenant Michael Shaw of the Michigan State Police said. "We don't know who sent the text message and we are not discussing the timing or releasing what the text said."

The police have released a sketch of a person of interest in the investigation, described as a tall, white male.

"We are in the process of interviewing the boyfriend and her parents," Shaw said. "Our investigation is leading us to believe that they were not involved."

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