Son surprises parents with check to pay off mortgage

Son Surprises Parents With Check To Pay Off Mortgage
Son Surprises Parents With Check To Pay Off Mortgage

YouTube star ​Timothy DeLaGhetto had a big surprise for his parents.

"That's for the house!"

Yup, it was a big, fat check to pay off his parents' mortgage. Timothy's dad joked in a couple years, he's going to be expecting a hot rod like a Mercedes.

ABC says the gift grand totaled of $340,000 -- $210,000 to the loan company and $130,000 to the bank.

Apparently the comedian had told his parents he would one day pay off their house. Timothy told USA Today his parents had wanted him to stay in college, but he had his sights set on the entertainment industry. That's when he promised them he'd take care of the mortgage one day -- and it looks like he followed through.

Seems like Timothy has been doing a pretty good job for himself, with a YouTube channel touting more than 2 million subscribers -- and improv comedy appearances on MTV's "Wild 'N Out," hosted by Nick Cannon.

The pay-off-your-parents-mortgage move seems to be appreciated, with the media collectively giving a big, ol' "awwwwww," warning viewers that they may cry, and even calling him "the best son ever."

At the end of the viral video, Timothy made his dad agree with that whole "best son ever" thing. OK, we're using "made" lightly here.

"[You're] still the best son to me, but the check made it a little better." ​

Credit: YouTube/Timothy DeLaGhetto

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