Mom punishes daughter by selling Katy Perry tickets online

Mom Punishes Daughter By Selling Katy Perry Tickets Online
Mom Punishes Daughter By Selling Katy Perry Tickets Online

This may be the first time Katy Perry has been used for punishment. A North Dakota mom sold her teen daughter's tickets to see the singer after some bad behavior.

WDAY reports: She posted a short ad to the Fargo/Moorhead Online Garage Sale Facebook page that had a header that said "spoiled brat daughter doesn't deserve these tickets, for sale."

The mom, Cindy, hasn't said specifically what her daughter did, but the way she sold those tickets has caused some controversy.

HLN reports that some people are criticizing her for being too harsh and say that it should have been handled privately. The mom did not name her 18-year-old daughter.

Although, it wasn't exactly public. The Facebook page where the ticket sale was posted is a closed group -- you have to ask permission to join it. The post wouldn't have been visible except to the members of the group. Granted, there are 17,000 of them.

People seem torn on the whole public shaming thing. Moms publicly reprimanding their children have made headlines in the past, in incidents reported by WDJT, KERO, and New York Daily News. Each one was met with its fair share of criticism.

As for the latest incident of public shaming via Katy Perry, the administrator to the Facebook page reportedly deleted the post after it had received a couple hundred likes and the tickets were sold.

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