Homeless man returns to family after 15 years

Homeless Man Returns To Family After 15 Years
Homeless Man Returns To Family After 15 Years

INDIANAPOLIS – An Indiana man, homeless in Florida years, is finally back home with his family.

John Boggs was met with a warm embrace from his sister at Indianapolis International Airport, Tuesday evening. For the last 15 years, his family in Southern Indiana has been unsure of his whereabouts. Last week, they discovered the harsh reality through a news story.

Last week, Boggs was attacked by two teens trying to rob him of a few dollars given to him by an undercover officer. The officer, who was walking away, noticed and intervened.

The story went viral on social media and caught the attention of Anna Fleeon, Boggs' sister in Indiana. She and her family had no idea he had was homeless.

A Florida viewer, touched by Boggs' story, decided to pay for a plane ticket to send him back home to his family. Florida authorities worked with TSA to get him on a plane without proper identification. Finally, Tuesday night, Boggs flew touched down in Indianapolis.

His sister was there to greet him and gasped when she saw him walk out of the terminal gate. Both have expressed their thanks to Florida authorities and the stranger who stepped up to pay for Boggs' return to Indiana.

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