Connecticut father delivers baby into toilet

Connecticut Father Delivers Baby Into Toilet
Connecticut Father Delivers Baby Into Toilet

Parents are pretty good at telling all kinds of stories about their kids when they were babies, but we can't tell if this is embarrassing or awesome.

David Davis and his wife Lillie went to a Connecticut hospital to give birth, but nurses sent them home because they said Lilli wasn't ready yet. But when they returned, she started giving birth...and David had to act quickly.

He took her to the bathroom and began delivering their daughter Livia. No doubt, it was a heroic and successful effort ... and then...

He told WKRC, "I'm looking in the toilet nothing is happening there then I see a head sticking out. One strong last push, I had my hand on her back the baby shot out and I couldn't grab it fast enough, fell in the water real quick and I pulled her out."

Expectant mothers might want to be cautious as they near the end of their pregnancy - or they could end up in equally uncomfortable situations.

Last year a woman went into labor mid-flight while on her way to Italy. The plane diverted to Barcelona but crew members and a mid-wife who happened to be on board helped deliver it before the plane landed.

And just last month, four police officers stopped a car going 100 mph only to find the driver was in such a hurry because his daughter had gone into labor. Police surrounded the car to allow the man to deliver the baby right there.
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