39-year-old mom loses 176 pounds on 'Extreme Weight Loss'

'Extreme Weight Loss': 39-Year-Old Mother Makes Shocking Transformation
'Extreme Weight Loss': 39-Year-Old Mother Makes Shocking Transformation

On "Extreme Weight Loss," Cassie, a 39-year-old from Milwaukee, Wisconsin made a shocking transformation: Cassie, who started her journey weighing in at 347 pounds lost a total of 176 pounds, putting her current weight at 171 pounds. Go Cassie!

As The Epoch Times notes, Cassie was physically fit while growing up, but became unexpectedly pregnant at the age of 21 and ultimately decided to give her son up for adoption saying she couldn't give him a good life.

According to Heavy.com, the emotional weight of giving up her son caused her to gain all of the physical weight.

Luckily, Cassie was able to reunite with her son, who said his parents have given him a good life and he understood why she did what she did. The two plan on being in each others lives going forward and the reconnection gave Cassie the strength she needed to continue to lose more weight and move forward with her life.

As for future plans, Cassie plans on starting her own family with her husband Ryan.