Pizza expert reviews frozen pizza

Frozen Pizza Reviewed By Pizza Expert
Frozen Pizza Reviewed By Pizza Expert

Scott, a pizza expert, doesn't eat a lot of frozen pizza. He spends a great deal of time running tours of famous pizzerias in New York City, while also judging pizza competitions all over the United States. Scott also writes for a pizza publication called Pizza Today Magazine, and holds the world record for owning the most pizza boxes in the world.

Scott decided to use his expertise on frozen pizzas, performing a blind taste test. Five pizzas were chosen: DiGiorno's, Ellio's, California Pizza Kitchen, Trader Joe's and Trader Joe's Gluten-Free. With a blind fold secured over his eyes, Scott begins the taste test.

First is DiGiorno's. He describes the sauce as 'heinous,' before calling the crust a 'one-trick pony.'

Ellio's fares better. Scott says the cheese sauce is excellent, and that 'if you put these toppings on to a decent crust we might have something here.'

California Pizza Kitchen is described as 'awful.'

Trader Joe's is 'no sauce at all, just a cheese party,' but the gluten-free version is well-received.

Scott describes the sauce as 'robust,' and delightfully sites the cheese drag as great.

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