Makeover specialist: Only 25 percent of women look good in black

Makeover Specialist: Only 25% of Women Look Good in Black
Makeover Specialist: Only 25% of Women Look Good in Black

It might be time to throw out that LBD. According to True You Makeovers founder and former Miss America finalist Sandi Rose Miller, only 25 percent of women can actually wear black.

Her system is meant to make shopping easier and understanding color fun and efficient. She uses four groups:

Type A is for 'Animated Achievers,'

Type B is for 'Bonding Blenders,'

Type C is for' Confident Completers,' and

Type D is for 'Dynamic Developers.'

Only those women who fall under Type C can wear black and look their best. Type A is characterized by Hillary Clinton, Type B is characterized by Gwyneth Paltrow, Type C is characterized by Courteney Cox and Type D is characterized by Kirsten Dunst.

"It's kind of like feng shui for the body, energetically it either works for you or it works against you," says Sandi Rose Miller. "If a color maybe worked on us when we were younger it really won't work on us we have no wiggle room as we age."

"Your black may be navy, your black may be aubergine which is eggplant, you couldn't get a darker purple. Your instincts have been telling you all along, you've been having a little crunchy feeling of 'well, that kind of works and everyone tells me I look good in it, but I don't know I don't really want to wear it,' Listen to that!"

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