Hilary Duff Ends 6 Year Hiatus with New Single and Video

Hilary Duff
Hilary Duff

Former Lizzie McGuire star Hilary Duff is raising heads with a new single and an accompanying music video which shows the 26-year-old star (and mom of two-year-old Luca) bikini clad. "Chasing the Sun" oozes lighthearted summer fun and in the video, Hilary daydreams of the beach from her office chair. "I thought people would really relate to this concept of being stuck in your everyday routine but dreaming of better times," shares Hilary.

While she loved the concept, she admits to being nervous for the bikini shots. "I was a little scared ... when you have a whole crew of people and you are the only one in a bikini and everyone else is fully clothed, you [think], 'Ok, here it goes. Be brave!' Then, after 10 minutes, I was fine."

Like her character in the video who's stuck in a cubicle, Hilary also rarely makes it to the beach for a relaxing trip, although she is trying to find more time for herself. "It is hard to be a mom. It is the most amazing rewarding job; I feel like I was meant to do it," she explains. Still, "it wasn't until Luca was around 16 or 17 months that I started to feel like myself again and realize that it is important to think about your needs too, outside of just being a mommy."

When Hilary isn't listening to Mumford & Sons, Arcade Fire, Chvrches and her current obsession, Sam Smith (who her son calls "Ham Miff"), the sounds that surround her are the Frozen soundtrack and songs from Sesame Street. "That is definitely not influencing what my record sounds like, but [my son has] changed my whole life entirely!"

Check out the video for Hilary's new single, "Chasing the Sun," below and tell us what you think.