Dog wiggles and cries when soldier owner returns home

Dog Wiggles And Cries When Soldier Owner Returns Home
Dog Wiggles And Cries When Soldier Owner Returns Home

This dog named Izzy has obviously missed her owner, who's been deployed for nine months. Get ready to smile, because she not only wiggles on the floor, but she also cries when she sees him.

"Aww, see? She remembers you," a woman filming the moment said.

The owner of the two-and-a-half-year-old golden retriever has been deployed in Kuwait and seemed to be equally excited to see Izzy again.

Although the video has only been on YouTube for about a week, it's already getting national attention.

Fox News featured the happy reunion as "The Good" in its "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" segment.

The Right Scoop claims the video is "your feel-good moment of the day" -- and it's hard not to agree.

That adorable reunion lasts a little over a minute, and trust us, the cuteness doesn't stop. If you can't get enough of Izzy, see more of her here.

Izzy is just one of the many dogs who show undeniable love for their owners after they've been away to serve -- and the heartwarming, tear-jerking reunions never seem to get old.

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