Clumsy thief breaks into Houston home through doggy door

Clumsy Thief Breaks Into Houston Home Through Doggie Door
Clumsy Thief Breaks Into Houston Home Through Doggie Door

A would-be burglar landed himself in the doghouse after breaking into a Texas home Monday.

KXXV reports that Houston police are looking for a doggy door burglar caught on camera failing at an attempt to steal a bike.

Surveillance video obtained by several Texas news outlets, including KHOU, shows the suspect struggling to enter the house through a doggie door early Monday morning.

He wasn't any more graceful after he made his way inside, either.

He trips over the bicycle he was apparently trying to steal and falls before running off empty-handed.

Fortunately, no one was home during the attempted burglary -- but interestingly, the homeowners' dogs were, and they apparently didn't notice a thing.

Houston police are asking anyone with information on the suspect to come forward.

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