'Antiques Roadshow': Medallion first appraised in 1999 now worth $300,000

'Antiques Roadshow': George Washington Medallion Brings in Whopping Value
'Antiques Roadshow': George Washington Medallion Brings in Whopping Value

On "Antiques Roadshow," we traveled back to 1999 to Des Moines, where a man brought in a carved medallion of George Washington that was worth some serious money.

APPRAISER: "There's only a handful of these known."
APPRAISER: "This is probably worth somewhere in the range of between $70,000 and probably about $90,000)
MAN: "Well, that's very interesting."

Lucky for this man (who may just be the most relaxed person we've ever seen on the show), the value for the medallion has gone up over the last 15 years. The estimated value is now closer to between $200,000 and $300,000.

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, the medallion was carved by Samuel McIntire, who was known as the "Architect of Salem, [Massachusetts]" in the late 1700s.

At the time, Salem was a wealthy community with a booming shipping industry. McIntire was one of the finest architects during this era. Only eight copies of the Washington carvings exist in McIntire's inventory--and the appraiser suggests that this could be one of them.

The city of Salem has several buildings that were designed by McIntire--there is even a dedicated tour for visitors to experience his work firsthand.

But, if you're itching to get your hands on your own Samuel McIntire piece, there is a chair available for auction at Christie's for one easy payment of $663,000.

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