MLB power rankings: Week 18

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We are now at one of the most exciting times on the Major League Baseball calendar. The trade deadline is right around the corner and rumors are swirling. There will be many more grumblings than actual moves made in the days ahead, but that's what makes the final days of July so entertaining.

And this past week has brought some more clarity to the deadline market. With good weeks, teams like the Rays and Marlins have played themselves into contention and could be buyers at this deadline. Meanwhile, the likes of the Red Sox and maybe the Reds have struggled enough that they could sell off parts themselves.

So this is how things stand heading into one of the most important weeks of the summer. The power rankings are very California-heavy this week with the top three teams calling the west coast home. Time will tell if any rivals make any deals this week to help them change that.

Here are the MLB power rankings after Week 18: