'Escaping Alaska' premise is 'downright improbable'

'Escaping Alaska' Series Premiere: Young Eskimos Look To San Diego
'Escaping Alaska' Series Premiere: Young Eskimos Look To San Diego

On the series premiere of "Escaping Alaska," a group of young eskimos met online and formed a secret pact to leave their villages for San Diego to find better economic and career opportunities.

Tamara told her parents she's moving to Anchorage ... even though she's moving to Southern California. Her parents were unsure of her decision; her father said, "I think maybe you should look at other options." The reason for the lie? Apparently, Tamara's friend suggested she tell them she was moving to Anchorage since it was closer; this way her parents wouldn't worry as much. We see trouble down the road.

As The New York Times notes, the setup for the show is "downright improbable," since the group's secret to escape Alaska is very hush-hush, yet there are camera crews everywhere. Oh, reality television.

According the Examiner, the young escapees will be in for a culture shock once they make it to Sunny San Diego, so it looks like we have some interesting television to look forward to.