Intense storms sweep Phoenix area

Intense Storms Sweep Phoenix Area
Intense Storms Sweep Phoenix Area

Residents in the Phoenix area saw intense storms over the weekend.

Starting on Friday, a massive dust storm known as a "haboob" swept the area. It reached 3,000 feet tall and knocked out power of rouhgly 12,000 utility customers.

All incoming flights were banned for two hours and several departing flights were delayed.

Visibility on the roads ranged from none to half a mile and drivers were advised to pull over and wait on the side of the road until the storm passed.

And on Saturday night, the area was hit by lightning, heavy rain, hail and strong winds that caused a lot of damage in some areas. Winds reached 69 mph - Hurricane winds start at 75.

That storm left as many as 15,000 homes without electricity. The National Weather Service confirmed a microburst caused the wreckage.

A microburst is basically the opposite of a tornado. Gusts of air sink to the ground in a small column small and then spreads outward in all directions.

Fortunately, no one was hurt during the intense storms.

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