Woman battling late-stage cancer gets dream wedding wish fulfilled

Woman Battling Late-Stage Cancer Gets Dream Wedding Wish Fulfilled
Woman Battling Late-Stage Cancer Gets Dream Wedding Wish Fulfilled

The couple tells KTLA reporters that they would not have been able to afford a ceremony like so lavish on their own, but after they shared their story volunteers jumped into action.

"They gave me the most gorgeous, spectacular wedding ever," bride Iran Williams said.

For at least one day, it is not about hospitals or treatments or being sick. In this moment, cancer loses.

"Honestly, I can tell you this is the happiest day of my life" Williams added.

What Iran, Raymond, and their children will remember will be a dress that made mom feel like a princess, luxurious flowers, food, cake, and a breathtaking venue in the Pacific Palisades.

"This really made her happy and made her not think about [cancer] for a day" daughter Yvette Williams said.

The fairy-tale event was granted by the non-profit Wish Upon a Wedding and roughly a dozen vendors who volunteered their time and services.

"She was diagnosed again and they gave her the option to have the surgery and she chose not to because it was going to ruin the quality of her life," Jeannie Ward, Wish Upon a Wedding board member, told KTLA. "So basically her prognosis is less than a year and we felt like we needed to do this for her".

The biggest gift was being able to share this moment with her children.

"It was amazing because I do everything for my children and I love them so much" said the bride.

The couple does not know what lies ahead.

"This is my third time getting stage IV thyroid cancer, but I believe in miracles" said Williams.

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