River in China mysteriously turns blood-red


This isn't always what the water looked like. Residents in eastern China say the water looked normal around 4 o'clock on Friday morning. Then two hours later, the river suddenly turned blood-red.

A paper manufacturer, food coloring and clothing company are stationed along the river and environmentalists suspect the heavy rain from a typhoon from the day before might encourage someone to dump artificial coloring into the river, thinking no one would notice.

Water pollution is not a rare problem in China. Last year, thousands of fish were killed after pollution from a chemical plant leaked into 19 miles of river.

The year before, a river turned red after another chemical plant illegally dumped dye into it. Fortunately, lab results confirmed there were no harmful elements in the dye.

Authorities are still investigating the most recent incident.

China River Mysteriously Turns Blood-Red
China River Mysteriously Turns Blood-Red