Baby boomers are having issues with unprotected sex

Baby Boomers Are Having Issues With Unprotected Sex
Baby Boomers Are Having Issues With Unprotected Sex

The Baby Boomer generation may be past the point of accidental pregnancies, but unprotected sex is still a danger as STDs plague the age group.

Dating experts told HuffPost Live they believe the aging generation is becoming complacent in the absence of pregnancy risks.

"In the 60's it was like free love for everyone and nobody ever thought about that," dating coach Lisa Copeland said.

"Nobody thinks there's a problem because we're not going to get pregnant anymore," Copeland added. "And that I feel is where everybody's head is."

"I think one of the reasons ... is that we were the sex, drugs, and rock & roll generation," AARP dating expert Ken Solin said. "And I remember back in the mid 60's the idea of condoms, I mean no one used condoms, it just didn't happen. There were birth control pills and people just weren't using condoms."

Solin said he tells his clients to consider avoiding casual sex, not just because of the STD risk, but also for those who may suffer from performance anxiety in their older years.

"Get to know somebody over a period of time. It doesn't have to be forever, it can be over a month or so at least, and during that time if you think you're going to have sex, go get tested," he said. "And if you get tested then you don't have to use condoms, because you're safe."

The latest data from the Centers for Disease Control shows a sharp rise in STD rates among the boomer generation in the last decade.