Ring box equipped with camera records proposal reactions

Ring Box Equipped With Camera Records Proposal Reactions
Ring Box Equipped With Camera Records Proposal Reactions

You've seen flash mob proposals, underwater proposals and so much more -- but you've definitely never seen a proposal like this.

In an era of putting our lives online, photographing and filming proposals has become quite popular -- and new device makes it even easier to capture that special moment. The twist? Only the person proposing actually knows it's there, so users are able to capture the genuine element of surprise.

The Ring Cam, a camera built into a ring box, records a real up-close-and-personal reaction of that special moment.

Four students at Hope College in Michigan invented the box for a design project at Hope College and launched their company in October.

Although the box costs a pretty penny -- $250 to buy or $100 to rent -- the alternative is to hire a photographer, which could be more expensive. Paparazzi Proposals, for example, charges $850 to capture video of your proposal.

Plus, the Ring Cam offers high-quality video, offers an editing service at an extra cost and is super user-friendly.

"The box acts just like a USB drive; there's this little hidden micro-USB port right on the side, which means that any standard cell phone charger can plug into that. And it plugs right into your computer, it accesses USB, and you can move the file right over," ​one of the inventors told the Detroit Free Press.

What's next for the budding entrepreneurs? They're hoping to take their product on ABC's "Shark Tank" and get involved with one of its wealthy investors.