Restaurant owner fights back against sexist review

Portland Restaurant Responds To Sexist Comment In The Best Way
Portland Restaurant Responds To Sexist Comment In The Best Way

Listen up internet trolls, this one is for you. A restaurant in Oregon is fighting back against a trollish Yelp review in the best way possible.

Here is the review (which has since been deleted). It reads: "My friend and I picked up some hot girls here, but he got his pregnant. But she was Canadian so she went home and got a free abortion so it's all cool now. You can get grilled cheeses here for $5."

The obnoxious review actually gave EastBurn Restaurant in Portland five stars but the restaurants owner just couldn't look past the sexist comments.

EastBurn's owner Mike Bender responded to the Yelp review with his own response. "5 stars to you Lee M. for making an example of how this kind of disrespect towards women is shameful and not at all funny. Yes, our grilled cheese is only $5 and was kindly listed as one of the top 25 in the country by Food and Wine Magazine. As a thank you for spotlighting this kind of behavior, all proceeds through August from the sale of EastBurn's Grilled Cheeses will go to the Portland's Women's Crisis Line. - Cheers!"

According to the Oregonian, Bender is making good on his promise. "It just seemed like a good thing to do," Bender said. "We do a lot of benefits here and thought it was a good opportunity to give back. It's especially pervasive in the restaurant industry [disrespect towards women] and it's not cool."

EastBurn isn't the first restaurant to fight back against that pervasive disrespect towards women this year. In May, Jezebel reported that a restaurant in West Virginia had a similarly trollish Facebook post requesting that their female servers show a little more skin.

The owner of The Atomic Grill responded by donating the profits from their potato skin specials to the West Virginia Foundation for Rape Information Services.

So give us your best shot internet trolls! There are still a lot of good people out there willing to put their money where their mouth is.

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