Lotto winner says psychic predicted her win 16 years ago

Lotto Winner Says Psychic Predicted Her Win 16 Years Ago
Lotto Winner Says Psychic Predicted Her Win 16 Years Ago

A retired NYPD officer won the lottery of a lifetime ... literally. Here's News 12 Long Island: "Retired police officer Edna Aguayo won $1,000 a day for life."

But this "for life" prize was no surprise to Aguayo. Actually, she says she's known she would win for a while now because, well, a psychic told her so.

She told the New York Post, "I was in an amusement park and went to see a reader. She told me to buy 'for life' lottery tickets because she could see that one day I was going to hit a 'for life' prize."

But get this -- Aguayo's amusement park encounter with the psychic reader happened 16 years ago. Fox News reports, "Although she probably thought, if you're going to win it, why didn't you win it in the first year or the first two years? Why waste 16 years?"

But according to the New York Post, she never gave up hope, saying, "I knew I'd win one day, I just didn't know when." Aguayo bought CASH4LIFE tickets every Monday and Thursday, the days the drawings take place.

According to New York Daily News, Aguayo is New York City's first person ever to win $1,000 every day for life through the local lottery's CASH4LIFE game.

New York Lottery reports after the required withholding, Aguayo will receive her CASH4LIFE prize totaling $227,410 every year for life.

Aguayo hasn't made any plans yet for those large sums coming her way but says she could use a vacation.