3-year-old crashes Jeep into neighbor's house

3-Year-Old Crashes Jeep Into Neighbor's House
3-Year-Old Crashes Jeep Into Neighbor's House

An Oregon 3-year-old is doing okay after taking his aunt's Jeep for a ride earlier this week -- and crashing it into the neighbor's house.

KOIN says police had first seen the boy sitting inside the Jeep, alone, earlier in the day -- and according to Minneapolis Star Tribune, he was wearing only a diaper.

When the boy told police another relative who was supposed to be watching him was asleep, that relative was given a warning for not being attentive.

The station says that same relative was either asleep or in the bathroom when the boy got back in the Jeep and crashed.

This is what the car owner had to say to KPTV about the incident: "As he hit the house, he got out of the Jeep and ran back across the street to home and sat on the couch like nothing happened."

To be clear, the toddler didn't drive the car. Reports say he knocked the manual transmission into neutral -- causing it to roll into the neighbor's house. His story reminds us of some other miniature car thieves, though.

Just last month, WITI reported a 9-year-old boy in Wisconsin was somehow able to drive a car from a boat dealership and go a few miles before he and his 4-year-old passenger were stopped. The kids told police they were heading to their grandma's house.

Last year, the Detroit Free Press pointed out that a Michigan 6-year-old took his family's car for a spin to go to a Chinese restaurant. When police questioned him, he said he was going to take the car to the dealer get repaired.

Again, the boy in this week's story is thankfully okay. Police say that he ran away from the crash site and went inside his house to watch cartoons. The relative who was watching the boy was cited for the incident.

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