Tips to get rid of telemarketers from former phone marketer

Former Telemarketer Reveals How To Stop Sales Calls
Former Telemarketer Reveals How To Stop Sales Calls

A former telemarketer is revealing how you can stop unwanted calls from phone marketers. Erica Elson gave ABC one of her many tips. "There's a fine line between being too rude and being too friendly. You just want to remain polite but not reveal any personal information," she says.

Not giving personal information is also important for security reasons - according to the Better Business Bureau, telemarketing scams are becoming a common approach to deceive people and steal their information.

Although many of us have tried just about everything to stop the calls -- ignoring them, giving the telemarketer excuses or saying "not right now" -- Elson says those escape routes are just going to put you right back on the call list.

In a piece she wrote for the August issue of Reader's Digest, Elson shared her insights with readers who are tired of the phone calls.

Let's start with what not to do:

1. Don't just hang up. You'll be listed as "did not answer" and will continue to receive phone calls until you have a conversation.

2. Don't engage. Any conversation could lead the telemarketer to believe all you need is more convincing before you buy.

Elson provided similar tips for Lifehacker in March, saying, "Telemarketers literally have a script that tells them how to respond to every objection."

So how can you win this battle? Apparently all you have to do is say "no" three times, which lets the seller know you're not into it.

The Huffington Post also notes that requesting to be put on the "Do Not Call" list should stop the calls from that company. Elson agrees, saying it's the most efficient way.

And you could go even further by signing up for the National Do Not Call Registry. Elson says verbally telling the marketer to place you on the list and signing up online makes it illegal for telemarketers to call you.

Elson was a telemarketer for two years and says using these tips will not only save you time but will help out the telemarketer as well.

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