Michael Moore's divorce reveals truth about his wealth

Media Buzzes About Michael Moore's $2 Million House (Again)
Media Buzzes About Michael Moore's $2 Million House (Again)

Famous director and producer Michael Moore is the Academy Award-winning filmmaker behind documentaries such as "Capitalism: A Love Story," and has risen to fame under the image of being a blue collar American. But now his wealth is in the news ... again.

Reports from years ago called out Moore for owning a $2 million home back, and on Tuesday, when he finally reached a divorce settlement with Kathleen Glynn, the dust storm was kicked up again.

Anchors on "Today" note that pricey house was apparently part of the problem in the relationship.

'In court filings, Moore had blamed his wife for going overboard in expanding the 10,000 square-foot house, reportedly in the same neighborhood as Madonna and Bruce Willis.'

Multiple reports say Moore and his wife owned nine properties in total.

Moore gave himself a "workin' man" image through his various documentaries and continually scolded the 1 percent, which is why the story is making headlines among major news outlets.

The New York Post noted that Moore's mansion puts him in the 1 percent and the National Post blatantly calls him a "hypocrite" in its headline.

But being part of the 1 percent is something Moore has vehemently denied, and the debate was heated on CNN in 2012:

"I need you to sit here and say 'I'm in the 1 percent.'"
"Of course I'm not, how can I be in the 1 percent?"
"Because you're worth millions."

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Moore's estimated worth is about $50 million.

But Moore said he spends his time and money on those who make less and have been hurt by the system.

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