Jon Stewart's Ridiculous $10B Plan To Buy CNN

Jon Stewart's Ridiculous $10B Plan To Buy CNN
Jon Stewart's Ridiculous $10B Plan To Buy CNN

He's long been a thorn in CNN's side - criticizing and critiquing just about everything from the 24-hour news network. (Via Getty Images)

From Comedy Central / "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart": "They realized, 'Oh s***, we still have 23 hours and 59 minutes left to fill.'"

Now it looks like Jon Stewart is trying to be an even bigger pain.

It all stems from Rupert Murdoch's recent bid to buy Time Warner. The Huffington Post explains how if he were to be successful, under U.S. law, he'd likely have to sell Time Warner subsidiary CNN because he already owns Fox News.

Outlets, such as Business Insider, Bloomberg, and other analysts have put the value of CNN on the market at about $8 billion to $10 billion. Cue Jon Stewart.

From Comedy Central / "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart": "That's a lot of money for anyone but not a lot of money for everyone. Which is why tonight we're starting our Kickstarter campaign to buy CNN!" ​

Yeah, we're guessing Stewart is just joking around as usual.

Especially since the Web page,, set up asks for a $25,000 donation to take molly with Fareed Zakaria and a $1 billion donation in exchange for a CNN anchor "Hunger Games" fight to the death, along with a few other options.

But, despite it looking like a Kickstarter page, Stewart's page isn't actually featured on the Kickstarter website. It's just a look-a-like.

And you can't actually click any of the donation boxes, so you'll have to take your billions of dollars elsewhere.

Still, it appears some media outlets are taking Stewart's side, if he were serious, that is.

Gawker writes, "​The only question: in a hypothetical universe where this Kickstarter is real, would a Daily Show-run CNN be more or less of a joke than a CNN-run CNN?"

The 24-hour news channel has been criticized in the past for its coverage of major stories such as the Malaysia Airlines plane disappearance, the Steubenville rape case and the Boston bombing suspects search, among other things. (Via BuzzFeed, The Daily Caller, Yahoo)

Still, we're kind of hoping Stewart's plan doesn't take off, because if it does, who will he make fun of all the time?