Cameron Diaz ends interview following insult -- and proves she's a great friend


Cameron Diaz Abruptly Ends Interview After Insult
Cameron Diaz Abruptly Ends Interview After Insult

When interviewing celebrities it's best not to offend them -- particularly when you're speaking with them over the phone and they can just hang up.

Cameron Diaz and her 'Sex Tape' co-star Jason Segel joined KIIS 106.5's 'Kyle and Jackie O's Radio Show' and, while the interview started pleasantly enough, it took a turn when host Kyle Sandilands made a comparison between young co-star Giselle Eisenberg and Diaz's best friend Drew Barrymore.

Then, to make things worse, Sandilands tries to pivot the conversation to her rumored new boyfriend, Benji Madden of 'Good Charlotte,' which Diaz refused to even respond to.

Ultimately the 41-year-old star gets back on the line and says that they have to go, politely thanks them for their time ... and hangs up.

As clueless as Sandilands was throughout the interview, at least he wasn't as bad as Charlie Stayt during his interview with Jennifer Aniston back in 2011. Instead of offending an actress's friends -- he went straight for the actress.

Listen for yourself in the clip above.

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If Diaz's killer retort doesn't make you want to be her friend, these photos from her 'Tonight Show' interview might -- the woman knows how to have fun: