Friends for 72 years both turning 100, here's their advice

Advice from Iowan Friends for 72 Years Both Turning 100
Advice from Iowan Friends for 72 Years Both Turning 100

By Eric Hanson

NEWTON, Iowa -Florence Koppin, 100, and Dorothy Pickett, 99, are celebrating a milestone birthday together.They've been friends for 72 years and now both are turning 100 this summer. A party was held for Pickett on Monday with 100 roses and twin cakes for her and Koppin.

They said the key to living long is laughter, friendship and staying active

Koppin was born on June 17, 1914. Pickett was born on July 23, 1914.

"How old do you feel?" asked KCCI's Eric Hanson.

"I don't know -- maybe 50," said Koppin. "Hard work, I've always worked hard, pick corn and all that kind of stuff."

Koppin said she likes to play bingo and sew.

"I laugh all the time," said Koppin.

As far as advice for the rest of us... "I take a blood pressure pill. That's all I take. I'm in bed by 10, but I've done a lot of dancing in my life. So I've had action."

Koppin has known Pickett for decades.

"Oh yeah, we grew up in the same neighborhood," said Koppin.

"I walked to school. I didn't ride like the kids do today," said Pickett. "Well I've seen a lot of changes -- a lot of changes."

As far as advice for the rest of us... "I ride the cycle every morning. Well, not every morning but at least 4-5 days a week. I walked almost 30 years every day, even on Saturdays sometimes. I don't think there's anything special that I did. I just lived a normal life, worked like any other farm woman did."

Pickett said she was never a coffee drinker, but she likes tea.

"I eat what I want to eat, but if doesn't agree with me I don't eat it. But I just eat about anything I want to eat really," said Pickett.

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