Forbes' highest-paid actors list

Robert Downey Jr. Tops Forbes' List Of Highest-Paid Actors
Robert Downey Jr. Tops Forbes' List Of Highest-Paid Actors

While Robert Downey Jr. has been the face of Marvel's "Avengers" films, he might also become a regular face among Hollywood's richest actors.

The 49-year-old grabbed the top spot on Forbes' list of highest-paid actors - earning about $75 million, the same amount he made the previous year.

His success largely stems from his roles in Marvel's "Iron Man" and "Avengers" films. The films so far have collectively earned a whopping $4 billion worldwide. An "Avengers" sequel is set for next spring.

As a writer for Forbes puts it: "Downey reigns ... because at this point, it would be incredibly difficult for Marvel to continue making Iron Man and Avengers films without him."

And it's a good time to be a superhero. Downey Jr.'s costar Chris Hemsworth, who played Thor in the "Avengers" series, came in at No. 5 with $37 million.

Forbes determines the salaries based on how much each celeb earned for "entertainment-related work" between June 2013 and June 2014.

At No. 4 is Leonardo DiCaprio, who once topped the list in 2011. He starred in the box office hits "The Great Gatsby" and "The Wolf of Wall Street."

At No. 3 is Oscar-nominee Bradley Cooper with $46 million for his roles in "American Hustle" and "Silver Linings Playbook."

And at No. 2 with $52 million is Dwayne Johnson, who recently ventured into television. The Rock is producing and starring in the upcoming HBO comedy "Ballers."

As for Hollywood's highest-paid women - that list has yet to be released. But if last year's list was any indication, the Los Angeles Times points to a stark pay gap in Hollywood salaries.

Angelina Jolie took the top spot last year earning a $33 million salary - more than $40 million less than Downey Jr. last year.

To check out who else made the the top-ten list, head over to Forbes.